Wow quite a vicious response from you. Clearly you lack the tolerance toward those you disagree with which is ironic since you expect them to be tolerant of homosexuals such as yourself. Not only do you lack that tolerance but you're displaying your own hatred to those you disagree with. I suspect you don't even… » 3/02/14 12:53pm 3/02/14 12:53pm

Seems to me like everyone here wants to give up the good ol' american V8 pickup and swap for a dinky 2 door 1.6 diesel 4 cyl manual Isuzu pickup. Its ironic because being European , I can tell you that we'd love to have the choices of V8 pickups and SUV's. You have it too good. Also, be wary of what you wish for. Soon… » 2/19/14 10:10pm 2/19/14 10:10pm

Total agree. The kicker for Ford is that when the new Expedition comes out it will probably be much more appealing especially in King Ranch form with the 5.0. Ford would have to be trying particularly hard to screw up the Expedition more than the Navigator at this rate. » 1/30/14 8:00pm 1/30/14 8:00pm

Well I guess since most of you believe in evolution (I don't) then the idea of us all being animals is hardly strange so your concern is confusing. Treating us all as animals should logically complement the world view help by a person believing in evolution shouldnt it? » 1/28/14 3:18am 1/28/14 3:18am

I say it ALL the time on here. You guys don't know how good you have it and yet you moan about things like solid axle Mustangs. Be thankful you even have it. You moan about the size of Suburbans. Be thankful you even have them. You could be stuck with a 3cyl diesel Citroen Berlingo as your max size family vehicle. You… » 9/05/13 11:18am 9/05/13 11:18am

You seem to miss the obvious here. Less sales equals less risky ventures for car manufacturers and no more 'low volume' models such as the S2000. All this results in there being no choice of a sporty of fun car to enjoy on those road trips and weekends that you speak of. Being from Ireland, I can vouch for the fact… » 9/04/13 9:37am 9/04/13 9:37am

I think you're falling into the same strangely easy to confuse difference between NEEDS and WANTS. Personally, I like Suburbans and I'm fine with admitting I don't NEED one but I do have one and I enjoy it. Likewise, I wear a watch that can go down to 500ft even though I'll never do that and so therefore don't NEED it. … » 7/10/13 4:11pm 7/10/13 4:11pm

Why get buried at all? I mean, ok follow my thought process, if all we are is just a random biological combination of material then why don't we just arrange for ourselves to be put in freezers and brought back to life in the future when science catches up with technology. For example, if you squash a bug with your… » 6/25/13 9:32am 6/25/13 9:32am

At least both of those vans have a V8 so at minimum you've a relatively racy soundtrack in the background. Being from Ireland, all we had were Ford Transits with their 'bag of nails' diesels that just barely accelerated. You've got this SCREAMING diesel revving to an inch of it's life just to keep up with traffic and… » 6/13/13 10:21am 6/13/13 10:21am

Being Irish living in Texas I can vouch from experience from both sides that Europe DOESN'T have it better. Morons like Echo51 haven't a clue what they're talking about. I suspect that jealousy is the issue going something like this - 'I can't have a Mustang or Suburban so therefore all that do drive them are… » 2/05/13 2:33pm 2/05/13 2:33pm